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TourDesk brings your products to be bookable by your local hotels, hostels, guesthouses and more.


TourDesk, founded in 2013, is a comprehensive tour booking service for hotels, hostels, and guesthouses.

Increase your visibility and your bookings by being available to all your local hotels through TourDesk.

We are connected to over 20 different supplier systems where we'll pull your products from directly.

Increased Visibility
Simplified Accounting
Easy connectivity
Increased Sales

Elfa Björk Björgvinsdóttir - Hotel Manager at 22 Hill Hotel

From the beginning, the collaboration has been great and without problems. Our service level has increased, allowing us to provide a better, quicker service, with all information at one place. The website is vibrant and is constantly being updated and improved.

Elfa Björk Björgvinsdóttir Hotel Manager and Owner at 22 Hill Hotel
Gylfi Freyr Guðmunddson Hotel Manager at Exeter Hotel

Their system has proven to be extremely reliable and effective regarding booking and cancelling tours as well as providing a great overview of all available tours. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Gylfi Freyr Guðmundsson Hotel Manager at Exeter Hotel
Sigurlaug Jóhannsdóttir - Reception Manager at Hótel Óðinsvé

Very customer friendly and it is easy to find trips and combined day tours. A very comfortable factor is that the guests pay upfront and get their confirmations right away. If any complications come up TourDesk provides an excellent service and are quick to answer any requests we have.

Sigurlaug Jóhannsdóttir Reception Manager at Hótel Óðinsvé

Connected to your Supply system

We integrate directly to your supply system for product info and booking

These are just a small example of the supplier systems TourDesk has integrated with. If we haven't already integrated with your system you can always connect to us.

It doesn't cost anything to use TourDesk


TourDesk has a vested interest in increasing your revenue! The business model is completely sales-driven as in there are no monthly fees* or setup costs.

We'll negotiate a commisson on sales you feel is possible based on your operating costs.


* If you want to be registerd as a Verified operator you'll need to fill our requirements as well as paying a monthly upholt cost.

  • Supplier

    How is TourDesk different from other OTAs?

    We are not a B2C company. We’re not fighting over your search terms and we’re not trying to reach your potential clients. We’re simply offering a service to business operators that are dealing with incoming guests and are already bombarded by questions and queries on how to improve a vacation. The vast majority of our commission is shared with our partners. We’re a hyper local partner that empowers accommodation providers on the ground to sell more of local products to visitors.

    By joining TourDesk, you are making your products visible and accessible to all of the affiliates/resellers –hotels, guesthouses, tourist information centers, airlines– that are using our services. This means that the products that are on TourDesk can be directly sold by those affiliates.

  • Supplier

    How do I get my products into TourDesk?

    You can register as a supplier on our website, where you fill in the information requested. The easiest way for import is if you are using a booking system we are connected to, but fret not, we have multiple means of getting your tours visible.

  • Supplier

    What does my voucher look like?

    The voucher will have your logo, tour information (departure date/time/location), name of the client, a QR/BAR code (whichever you prefer) and additional information that you request.

  • Supplier

    Who do I contact regarding invoices?

    Please feel free to contact our accounting department for all invoicing related information at, they are always happy to assist!

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TourDesk connects you with your local hotels to increase your visibility and sales

These are just a small example of the resellers currently using TourDesk. Make sure your products are available to your local hotels and their guests.