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The most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

Customer FAQ

If I need a tailored, private or special tour, how can I arrange it?

We offer a wide range of private tours on our website. If you are looking for something even more special, please send us an email to and we’ll happily set this up for you! :)

My pickup is late. What do I do?

If you were not picked up for your tour or if the operator is late, it is important to call your tour operator directly. The phone number of the operator can be found on your voucher.

Why do you need my phone or email address?

We need your phone and email address to make sure we can reach you in case there are cancellations or changes to your tour. If we can’t reach you - we can’t solve problems.

My tour was cancelled. Who do I contact about refunds?

Let us know if your tour was cancelled and we will take care of your refund. To make your trip easier, we can use your funds to book another tour, just be in touch with us through and we'll find something together.

Otherwise you can request your refund through our Request Refund interface.

What is the cancellation policy of an operator?

The cancellation policy of an operator is clearly marked in our terms of service during checkout. If you are in doubt, please contact our support team through and they will help you out.

I haven't received my voucher. What should I do?

Fastest way is to go down to your hotel Lobby. They should be able to print out a copy of your voucher for you.

If not you can also contact our support here or send us an email at

How can I cancel my booking?

Changing plans? Contact our support team to reschedule or modify your tour accordingly. If you prefer to cancel, we'll, of course, do that but please note that a 3% admin fee will be subtracted from the amount, to cover costs incurred. You can cancel your booking by requesting a refund or by contacting our support team.

How is the refund process?

Usually quick and right after it was requested but sometimes we need to wait a bit to get a confirmation from your tour operator that you are eligible for a refund. Once we process it, it can take up to a few business days for the money to return. The refund will always be processed to the credit card that has been used for the purchase.

Why does a transaction fail while completing the payment?

So you are giving us correct credit card details, your card hasn’t expired and you haven’t reached the limit? Best way to confirm the exact reason for the failure is to get in touch with your issuing bank as there are multiple reasons why they may block transactions. Depending on your bank’s reasons, you still may be able to complete the transaction through the secured payment link we can send you so don’t hesitate to contact us for that!

I need to make a change in my booking: a number of people, date or time, add extras…

Changing plans? Again? Our support team will assist you with any modification! Try to let us know in advance so we have more time to organize your trip as best as possible :)

Can I pay directly to the activity provider?

It’s not possible to pay on the location as we are the ones who need to take the payment. In order to complete a booking, you need to make the payment during the booking process. Most operators have a cut-off time, meaning, it’s not possible to book the tour if it’s too close to the starting time.

Can I pay with cash?

We work with hundreds of accommodation providers all over the world, and while TourDesk is primarily an online platform, some of them can offer to take cash payments at their receptions. Everything booked via individual affiliate portal pages needs to be paid electronically (credit card, debit card or other electronic payment methods). Check with your accommodation to see if they have the cash option enabled at their location!"

I was double-charged. What should I do

We take all transactions very seriously. Please make sure to contact our customer support team and provide us with the proof of double charge from your bank. Screenshot of the transaction will do the job!

Where is my pick up point or tour starting location?

For most of the tours, you can choose the pick-up location during the check-out process. After you complete the booking, all the important details can be found on the voucher. In case the operator does not offer a pick-up service, the starting location will be stated on the voucher.

If pickup is not an option for your tour or you’re unsure about its meeting location, contact our support team and we’ll confirm this information. We definitely don’t want you to miss your pick-up!

I can't find my hotel on the pick-up list.

It is possible that the tour does not pick up from there. Please select the nearest pick-up location, or contact us and we will provide advice.

I was not picked up!

That’s very unfortunate! If you are still waiting to be picked up for your tour, it is important to call your tour operator directly. Sometimes they are on their way a bit late due to some unexpected issues, such as traffic or problems finding a guest.

The phone number of the operator along with pick-up time and location can be found on your voucher. In case you have missed your pick-up, we will try to reschedule it.

What do I need to bring on my tour?

Always check the weather forecast before the tour. Besides proper clothing, take your voucher, phone, credit card or some cash.

Do I need to print my voucher or can I just use my telephone?

Most of the tour operators will accept the voucher on your phone, so most probably not. But check your voucher first as it will be stated there if it needs to be printed out or not.

I don't find the voucher for the tour. How do I get a new one?

Please send an email to our customer support team. If it is for a tour that is supposed to start within 12 hours, please call the customer support line instead and one of our agents will gladly provide you with one

I am not happy with the service provided

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. It is important for us that you like and enjoy the tour you were on. If you have any complaints, please reach out and we will connect you to the operator and work with you on resolving your issue.

Reseller FAQ

What is TourDesk?

TourDesk is a comprehensive tour and activities booking platform for accommodation providers and everyone who is in some kind of relationship with travellers. The white-label software solution allows the user to offer experiences, simply or automatically, to their travellers before, during and even after their travels.

TourDesk is two-folded; Agent, used by the reception as a point-of-sale, allowing a concierge or a receptionist to identify, book and confirm a tour for a traveller standing in front of them. And the portal website used by travellers planning their own adventure, it allows a property to earn revenue from their traveller automatically, by pointing them towards their own, white-labelled TourDesk web page.

1a. What is TourDesk, without all the confusing technical jargon?
So! TourDesk is simply a platform, allowing anyone to offer tours and activities for sale. With TourDesk, you can quickly get a customized website, with airport transfers, tours, activities and more, in your region and offer to whoever you want.
Our platform is created for accommodation providers, but can in reality be used by anyone that wants to offer a better service.
Oh - and we pay you for using it.
So for every sale that goes through your TourDesk page, you earn a commission. That can be a modest figure, a nice supplementary income, or if you take it seriously, it can be a significant new revenue stream to your business!

Reach out and see how you can get started, or if you already have a page, how you can do more!

1b. What is TourDesk - tl;dr version.
TourDesk is a platform allowing everyone to earn a commission by offering tours and activities to incoming guests! You get your own website which you share and when tours are booked, you get paid! Also available for concierges and receptions!

How does the portal side work?

The portal solution is one of our two main features. We create a TourDesk web page for you and customize with your logo and brand colours. This web page you can simply share with your travellers who then can book their experiences on their own in one-location.

Here you can see an example from one of our resellers.

Your sales portal gives access to a new revenue stream and can be an excellent addition for your website, marketing materials and your guest communications.

How does the reception/agent side work?

The reception system is the other main feature and is used as a point-of-sale, allowing, for example, a concierge or a receptionist to identify, book and confirm experiences for guests standing in front of them with few clicks.
This system streamlines the booking process from phone calls, emails and different agent access to one platform, eliminating multiple friction points for you or the traveller and saving immense time.

How do my customers find my TourDesk portal?

The only way your travellers will find your TourDesk portal is if you share it with them, but don’t worry it’s very easy.
There are countless ways you can share your sales portal, for example, on your website, in your automated communications or in your marketing material.
Your TourDesk page has a unique URL, usually with your brand or name in it. We strive to keep the URL as simple as possible, and in fact, you can have as many pages as you want!

Do I need to be a technical person to use TourDesk?

No, not at all! - TourDesk is very user friendly and created to make your life easier and save you time and effort. When you sign-up on TourDesk, everything is set up specifically for you and your brand.

Instantly after receiving your login details, you can start selling tours or sharing your portal site with your travellers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in any doubt. We have an amazing support department which is open every day from 9-21(GMT). We are here for you, just call or send us an email.

Can my customer find my TourDesk page in Google Search? Does TourDesk affect my SEO?

No, your TourDesk site will not appear in Google Search and will not hurt your SEO as we, purposely, tag the sites as “noindex”. That is done as a way to prevent you from being penalised for duplicate content that occurs in, for example, tour descriptions.

If you want to focus on your *own* SEO, but still use TourDesk, that’s also no problem at all.

It’ll mean a little bit of work, but we strive to keep it all simple.

You can access our booking widgets through your Agent, which allows you to put in small snippets of code on your own website, with a booking calendar leading to our checkout process.

That way, you write your own SEO friendly tour description, but can get the booking through TourDesk regardless. Keep in mind though, that using the widgets, means that the content, photos, descriptions etc. does not get automatically updated, as it does on the portal pages!

If you’re really tech savvy, you can also use our API for a completely customized TourDesk experience!

Contact our sales team for more information!

Who can use TourDesk? What if I have a guesthouse or a summer house?

TourDesk is designed to work for everyone who is in some kind of relationship with travellers. Our partners are a combination of travel bloggers, airlines, car rentals, hotels, hostels or any other types of accommodation providers. That’s because our platform offers the option for you to make bookings on your travellers' behalf and the traveller to book on his own via the online portal we create and brand for you. You can use either or both options, it’s all up to you!

I don’t have a lobby, can I still use TourDesk?

Yes, the portal solution is at your fingertips. It allows everyone, who is in some kind of a relationship with a traveller, the option to offer an online “concierge” service to their traveller on their website, social media or in their communications.

I don’t want to be too focused on selling, it’s all about service for me. Does that fit your sales model?

Yes, many would even say that they use TourDesk, for the main purpose of increasing their service level and the commission earned is only a side benefit.

The main reason being that TourDesk offers you and your traveller the opportunity to access an incredible amount of experiences in one-location and bookable with few clicks. This saves you and your traveller time and provides a tool to create an outstanding travel experience with minimum efforts.

Does every department in my business use TourDesk?

TourDesk can be used in multiple different ways. Here is how it can be a valuable tool for several departments.

Accounting department
If you’re already used to selling tours and activities the accounting department usually takes care of collecting the commission you earn. That can be a tedious process and involves high risk of mistakes, which can be costly! We've made the collection process swift and simple. For those who are or have been working with multiple tour operators, we will make the collection much more manageable, by collating all payments on both sides, meaning you get paid for all your sales via one invoice.

Sales & marketing department
There are few highly recommended integrations that the sales and marketing departments are involved in, for example giving TourDesk a visible space on the website, booking confirmation and automatic pre-arrival messages. These integrations are simple and require little maintenance. They can also use TourDesk to enrich the quality of many other materials like blogs, social media posts and more.

Front of house
The front desk, concierge and all those who have a face to face interaction with your travellers will in most cases be the ones that use TourDesk the most. They are the ones already assisting your guests with booking tours and activities. With TourDesk they have the tool to assist your traveller in a quicker and better way and ensure you will earn commission on all of your booking.

Why should I offer Tours and Activities to my travellers?

Selling tours and activities to your traveller is one of the key ways for you to have a positive influence on your travellers' trip and their experience of your destination. The importance of this experience is one of the top factors when it comes to positive reviews, personal recommendations and rebooking in the future.

TourDesk provides you with the opportunity to offer this service in a very simple and time-saving way. We will even pay you for it.

Where in the world does TourDesk operate?

Our strongest supply is currently in Europe. You can simply sign up and start selling right away in Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Netherlands and Norway.

We are actively building supply in other markets and are open to looking into your region and view its potential.

Please contact us if you want more information about our supply status in your country.

What other businesses use TourDesk?

Hotels, hostels and all other accommodation providers are our biggest user group. However, since TourDesk is designed to work for everyone who is in a direct relationship with a traveller we have a wide variety of other businesses such as travel bloggers, car rentals, travel agencies, airlines and more.

Here you can also see a small example of resellers currently using TourDesk.

Can my clients rate the tours on TourDesk?

Not at this time, though it is a feature we’ve considered a lot. We’ve been of the belief however, that there are plenty of aggressive B2C platforms, trying to sell tours to individuals with reviews, stars and a multitude of marketing ploys. We don’t work on that niche. The trust of the tours and faith comes from the accommodation provider or the owner of the TourDesk page. She’s recommending the tours, and that in our mind has proven to be enough.
That’s not to say that view can’t change in the future though! We’re focused on learning and evolving with the market, so if you give us a good enough argument for reviews and tour ratings - we just might go for it!

How easy is it to implement TourDesk?


You simply sign up and have a fully functioning TourDesk page and account ready in minutes! The steps of implementing the platform are well laid out, and we’ll help out in whatever way we can, each step of the way. Going from not having an account, to being properly set up on all main channels is a task that should take under two hours. Following that we’ll arrange personal reception training and share with you your own customized marketing material made by us!

Couldn’t be simpler.

What type of support can we expect?

We are here to help you as much as you need. There are a couple of matters that we can assist you with:

Assistance to make a booking.
Make changes to a current booking.
Get information regarding the status of a refund.
Help you locate a specific tour.

Just to name a few subjects. Our support team will be able to help with any questions you might have, be it via email or phone. Our office is open weekdays, 9AM to 5PM (GMT+0), while our phone line is open every day from 9AM to 9PM. There are no stupid questions! - Just contact us :).

I don’t have the time or resources to implement TourDesk. Do you offer training?

TourDesk will save you time, and the sign up takes minutes. You likely spent more time navigating to this page and reading this answer than it takes to register and get started.

We can also assist you with all the implementation, such as training you and your staff.

We recommend allocating around 1 hour for the basic implementations for online and automated sale, but this will later require very little or no maintenance.

Training your staff takes very little time or planning as our platform is very user friendly. We can provide them with training manuals if they feel comfortable with learning on their own. If not we can arrange a quick training either via the web or in person.

When is the best time of the year to join TourDesk? Is it seasonal?

We recommended signing up somewhere during the first 12 months of the year. TourDesk is not seasonal, but you might be. Make sure you take that into considerations when you join and that your sales will fluctuate depending on your seasonality.

Would we have to sign a contract?

After the first steps are completed, we will formalize the relationship with a basic digital contract where we will stipulate the terms and conditions –primarily of the payments you will receive– of our partnership, so everything is formally written down.

How does TourDesk increase my revenue?

Long story short. If you are not selling tours and activities already, TourDesk is creating a new stream of revenues for your affiliate. Our business model is sales-driven, we will pay you for selling via the TourDesk platform. If you are currently selling tours and activities, you know how much extra work is to be done, agreeing on commission with several suppliers, receiving invoices, taking care of refunding your guests if the tour has been cancelled. By using TourDesk, you don’t need to think about that anymore.

We take care of all that, the only thing you need to do is invoicing us according to the sales report you receive monthly from us. Using TourDesk has been proven to increase your bottom line when used effectively.

What to expect with TourDesk in terms of revenue?

Your revenue is based on the commission you earn from each booking. Businesses are very different when it comes to location, size, type of traveller, how you implement TourDesk and more, which makes it impossible to give a fixed answer.

However, feel free to reach out to us, and we can give you an estimate by comparing you to similar properties in the area.

I’m already selling Tours and Activities, do I need TourDesk?

If you are already selling tours and activities, then TourDesk is perfect for you. TourDesk will make it easier for you to do so. With tens of thousands tours and activities on our platform, you can offer your guests more diversity and provide them with tours you might not have access to or a business relationship with now. Without having to deal with any invoices from operators. By selling tours and activities through TourDesk you will as well increase and boost your customer relation, as with TourDesk you have everything in the same place, it is quick and easy to find answers you might need and book tours to make your guests stay memorable.

We’re absolutely convinced that no matter what revenue you’re making from tours and activities today, we can help you improve it! At the end of the day, it all comes down to bottom-line, and that’s where TourDesk excels!

How much does TourDesk cost?

TourDesk is free to use! The business model is entirely sales-driven, and there is no hidden cost. We keep our lights on and develop our platform by taking a part of the negotiated commission.

What is included in your service?

If we can, we will do it, and we are super confident that we can do most things. We can provide you with marketing materials like posters, flyers and videos for reception and TVs. Help you train your staff, provide you with beautiful banners to use in your email signature and other online communications. All that being complementary.

You can request a regular sales meeting with one of our sales representatives to analyze your sales, set sales targets and help you ensure results.

We would love to help you out in any way, and if you have any ideas on how to improve TourDesk just, call or write our amazing support team! We answer every day from 9:00 - 21:00 (GMT).

I already have a partnership with several tour suppliers, can they be in TourDesk?

Chances are that they are already on our platform. If not, please let us know - we are always looking to add to our offer. Most tour suppliers can join our platform, even if they don’t use any booking system, but have multiple means of getting their tours visible.

Suppliers can also simply register on our website.

How do I get paid?

A sales report is generated and sent to you at the beginning of each month for commission earned on departures in the previous month, from which you invoice TourDesk. Payments are made to a bank account of your choice on the 20th of each month. In the near future we’ll be expanding our selection of payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal and credit card payments.

Supplier FAQ

How is TourDesk different from other OTAs?

We are not a B2C company. We’re not fighting over your search terms and we’re not trying to reach your potential clients. We’re simply offering a service to business operators that are dealing with incoming guests and are already bombarded by questions and queries on how to improve a vacation. The vast majority of our commission is shared with our partners. We’re a hyper local partner that empowers accommodation providers on the ground to sell more of local products to visitors.

By joining TourDesk, you are making your products visible and accessible to all of the affiliates/resellers –hotels, guesthouses, tourist information centers, airlines– that are using our services. This means that the products that are on TourDesk can be directly sold by those affiliates.

How do I get my products into TourDesk?

You can register as a supplier on our website, where you fill in the information requested. The easiest way for import is if you are using a booking system we are connected to, but fret not, we have multiple means of getting your tours visible.

What does my voucher look like?

The voucher will have your logo, tour information (departure date/time/location), name of the client, a QR/BAR code (whichever you prefer) and additional information that you request.

Who do I contact regarding invoices?

Please feel free to contact our accounting department for all invoicing related information at, they are always happy to assist!

When do I get paid?

We will have all invoices paid by the 20th of each month (for the previous month).

How do I get paid?

A sales report is sent on the 5th of each month (for the previous month) which operators then invoice to us. Our accounting department tallies the sales and pays by the 20th of the same month.

How much does it cost me to be a supplier on TourDesk?

TourDesk is free to use. The only fee in place is the commission per sale, the majority of which goes back to the reseller as an incentive to keep selling your tours.

How do I sign up to become a supplier?

You can easily register as a supplier on our website, where you fill in the information requested. Even if you don’t use any booking system, we have multiple means of getting your tours visible.

Why is my tour not visible on the hotel’s portal/agent?

Hotels maintain full control of their portal page. We encourage you to introduce yourself to hotels and build a lasting and reliant partnership.

Why haven't I been paid?

We pay our partners in most cases on the 20th of the month for departures from the prior month. In some cases, earlier payments can be negotiated by contacting The most common reason is that we have not yet received an invoice for your products sold. Also, please make sure that the invoice is a collection of all tours sold for the set period and not one by one. If none of this is the case, please contact our accounting department at

Why is my product not on the first page in the hotel's TourDesk portal?

The reseller maintains full control of their portal page and therefore the priority of the products. We recommend you introduce yourself to them and your product to build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

How do I cancel a departure?

If you need to cancel a departure and rebook the client for another date it’s your responsibility to contact them. However, if you want to cancel and refund, please inform our support team at and they will be glad to help you out.

It’s important that departures are honored as much as possible. We encourage suppliers to use their supply systems effectively with managing availability.

Cancelling departures repeatedly due to low numbers booked is especially frowned upon.

What does "verified" mean?

Participating suppliers will be labelled with the TourDesk Verified seal of approval, indicating their dependability and professionalism. To qualify for the label, suppliers will need to fulfil certain conditions and have their tour selection reviewed. Please contact to see if you qualify to be verified.

I already use a supply system, why is TourDesk good for me?

Your supply system is a key tool in your business, keeping track of prices, availability, descriptions and everything else that’s crucial in running your business.

TourDesk however is not a supply system. We’re a sales platform, allowing you to get your products to a wider audience and reach more customers with less cost.

We allow suppliers to enjoy a fair placement in our platform, evening the playing field between big powerhouse companies with endless marketing resources and the smaller, local players, who’re trying to do their best in a challenging environment.

By joining TourDesk, you are making your products visible to all affiliates/resellers (hotels, guesthouses, tourist information centers, airlines) working with us. We broaden your sales horizon by making those affiliates be able to sell those products directly to their customers.

Can I sell on TourDesk without having an online booking system?

If you are able to honor all incoming bookings within a specific time frame we can set up your products as “free sale”, where you will receive an email from us for each booking made. However, we do recommend that you look into the available booking systems, since they have various ways to boost efficiency and make the connection with TourDesk both quick and easy. Check out our currently connected supplier systems here.

Who can apply to be a TourDesk supplier?

Are you offering products, tours and/or services? Do you want your products to be added to multiple platforms and to be sold by hospitality professionals for only the price of commission per sale? Are you interested in potentially increasing your sales? Congratulations, you are able to apply to become a TourDesk supplier! :-)

Product not connecting or displaying, why?

The most likely reason is that your product does not have any availability. Please make sure to check your online booking system if the availability is there and then contact for further assistance.

My product displayed on TourDesk doesn't have the right info, how do I change it?

If your products are displayed on TourDesk through an online booking system’s API you can change all information through there and it will automatically change on all TourDesk pages. If you are working with TourDesk as a free-sale supplier, you can contact and we will be happy to change it accordingly.

The photos on my TourDesk page are not the ones I want, how do I change them?

If your products are displayed on TourDesk through an online booking system’s API you can change all information through there and it will automatically change on all TourDesk pages. If you are working with TourDesk as a free sale supplier, you can contact and we will be happy to change the photos for you. We highly recommend you to display catchy and good looking pictures.

What's the best kind of content to put on my TourDesk product?

Our affiliates rely on you to provide them with the best information about your product. You need to make sure that you give a detailed description of what the customer will be buying and provide all necessary information such as what’s included, meeting point information, voucher text, requirements and other need to know information. Additionally, high quality photos really help our affiliates to sell the tours, so make sure to have 8-15 quality photos for each tour.

I can't log in to my TourDesk Supplier Account, why?

Most likely it’s missing some verifying step, but in any case, our excellent support staff are there at your disposal. If you have already created a login for TourDesk here and are still having problems, feel free to contact them at, they are happy to be of assistance!

What's your cancellation policy?

TourDesk doesn’t force its own cancellation policy. You, the supplier, set the terms and we follow! :-) We highly recommend however not to be too stringent. Agents that use TourDesk might require cancellations that sometimes are outside of the traditional cancellation policy scope. By accommodating that, you can earn their favor and with it, countless future bookings.

The users of TourDesk are not one-off individuals bookings, but booking professionals, servicing multiple customers over and over again!

I've signed up on your webpage, what happens next?

As soon as you have signed up, the supply department gets notified. They will then contact you with the following steps to complete the process of getting your products on board.

What is TourDesk to me as a Supplier?

TourDesk is a very simple product. Our sales platform takes care of communication between our affiliates (hotels, guesthouses, tourist information centers, airlines) and tour operators and we’ve gone to great lengths at making the system easy to use and quick to integrate. The platform broadens the visibility of the tour operator’s products and has the potential to boost the sales of those products immensely.

How can I optimize sales on TourDesk?

Make sure that all information and availability is up to date and that there are plenty of eye-catching pictures with each product. Also, it has been proven that visiting the affiliates/resellers, introducing yourself to them and letting them know you are on TourDesk, can have a very positive impact on sales. If you want a more in-depth conversation, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll be glad to look into it!

How can I add more tours on TourDesk?

If you are using a booking system and connect to TourDesk through their API, you will need to set the new tours up there first. We will then receive the tours, either automatically or not (depending on the booking system) to set them up and make them visible on the portal. If you are on TourDesk on a Free-sale basis, you would need to send all the information on your new tours (availability, close-out dates, description and pictures) to and we set them up for you.

How do I update my existing tours?

If you are using a booking system and connect to TourDesk through their API, you will need to implement the updates there first. We will then receive the updates via a nightly import and the tour updates automatically. If you are on TourDesk on a Free-sale basis, you would need to send all information on the implemented updates to

I have connected to TourDesk via API, what happens next?

Your tours are now in the confident arms of our supply team. They will set the tours up and make sure that everything works and looks how it should. Once the process is finished you will be notified by email.

Is there a tour rating system in TourDesk?

There is no rating system for tours on TourDesk. The priority of tours is maintained by the affiliate owner of each portal, so make sure you introduce yourself and make sure they know you are on TourDesk! :)